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Construction professionals today face unique challenges in the management of their business operations. The nature of this business is no longer just about building something great for clients; but now involves big things like liability, and contracts, due diligence in the form of prequals, strict Occupational Health & Safety regulations, Certificates of Recognition (COR), and bonds. It’s enough to make any business owner’s head spin and daunting enough for new start-ups to want to give up on the dream. 

Construct-Assist is a construction-specialized consulting company dedicated to assisting clients with all aspects of their business administration needs. We understand that not all roles within a company need to be filled by full-time employees, so I provide small businesses with on-call assistance, on a part-time and as-needed basis, when and where needed.

I can help you fill those gaps, and together, we can develop your company to be competitive and PROFITABLE, by increasing your efficiency and decreasing your contractual and legal liability.

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“I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together, we can do great things.”

Mother Theresa