OH&S Rights and Responsibilities

Understandably, I’m seeing so many people (both employees and employers alike) worried about the safety of their workplace that has been defined as an essential service and remaining open during this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. I thought I’d post a reminder about both the employers’ and employees’ rights and responsibilities. This Continue Reading

Material Delays

With the world being busy prepping for potential outbreaks of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in their own regions, as of today (March 4, 2020), the risk of outbreak remains low with not one confirmed or presumptive case here in Alberta, Canada (yet). One thing is for certain though, and that Continue Reading

Pay when Paid Terms

Overall, I’m not a fan of pay when paid terms. From a payee’s perspective, not only are you given little expectation as when you can expect payment, but you also have zero control over the client’s credit approval process or collection efforts. However, when used in a typical general contractor Continue Reading

Progress Invoicing

Keeping the cash flowing is the #1 way to reduce risk on a construction project. Ensuring that all parties are paid in a timely manner keeps the people working, materials flowing, and will prevent those pesky liens. However, often times payments are delayed due to non-compliant invoicing. Here are some tips Continue Reading